Kashrav Mahadev Sugendran may be just five, but he can name the intricate anatomy and physiology of 13 human systems.

For his impressive feat, Kashrav, from Seremban, secured a place in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for the "Most Number of Human System Physiology Described by a Child" on Dec 5 last year, reported Free Malaysia Today (FMT).

Kashrav's father Sugendran Palanisamy, 36, is an energy and utility industry consultant while his mother, Dr Sharlini Devi Guna Segaran, 35, is a medical doctor completing a specialist course in Pathology (Medical Microbiology) at Universiti Malaya.

According to Sharlini, they started Kashrav off with flashcards when he was still a baby, to help him focus, and by the time he turned one, he could grasp the alphabet, and read whole sentences when he was just two.

Seeing his potential, the parents then started exposing him to mathematics, geography, and science through fun methods, such as games, quizzes, and experiments.

"Whenever he likes something, he would say 'Can you explain this to me a little bit more?' So, when he asked, we gave him further information," Sugendran told the portal.

While the parents were eager to teach their son new things, at the same time, they were careful not to pressure him beyond his threshold, and taught him at a pace that he was comfortable with.

Sharlini said that encyclopaedias are another educational tool that they use to teach Kashrav, and learn a new thing or two themselves.

Besides his keen interes in human biology, Kashrav is also interested in astronomy and can name, draw, colour, and explain accurate details about the solar system, exoplanets, eclipses, and the concept of black home formations to a certain extent, the proud mother said.

The parents said they decided to introduce Kashrav to complex topics at a tender age because they believed that a child's brain is able to absorb huge quantities of information.

Despite his brilliance, it is not all work and no play for Kashrav.

Like most children his age, he loves all things Lego, and Transformers, with Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, being his favourite character.

He has also started showing interest in music, and the parents are planning to enrol him in Carnatic music classes, as well as swimming lessons, for social exposure.

Kashrav aspires to be an entrepreneur when he grows up, to "make people's lives better".

Such an impressive feat indeed, little Kashrav! And kudos to the parents too, for raising such a smart kid.

Keep making your family, and the country proud!

Source & Photo source: FMT