Do you think relationships are easy?

If you’re saying it’s easy, then you are probably in denial.

If you don't do the hard work of growing together in your long-term relationship instead of apart, distance will creep in!

Hence, Astro Ulagam found tips that will help keep you to be more like best friends with benefits than roommates with shared bills!

1) Make Room For Fun

Be silly, laugh and go on fun adventures together to help stay close. This is one of the best ways to bond, communicate and increase your overall relationship satisfaction.

2) Make Time For Each Other

This can be accomplished by going on dates, falling back into the habits that caused you to fall in love and taking time to just talk and be present with each other.

3) Stay Raw and Vulnerable

When you're not sharing your feelings, they can turn to resentments and foster feelings of loneliness and distance. Share your fears, hopes, dreams, and feelings just like you did in the beginning of relationship.

4) Encourage Your Partner's Growth

Growing together doesn't work when you're doing the work of becoming your best self and the best possible member of team marriage but your partner is just stagnating. Remember that you both are on the same team.

5) Work On Your Own Happiness

If you're not happy and you lack a sense of fulfillment, you can't depend on your relationship to provide those things for you. Putting in the time and dedication to nurturing your love will go a long way to avoid growing apart.

Picture Credit:,, TheraphywithLarissa