Music, with its harmonies and melodies, transcends language barriers and tells stories in a unique and captivating way. Recently, a group of buskers in Bukit Bintang captured the attention of passersby with their mesmerizing performance, proving the power of music to unite and inspire.

TikTok user Megala Meyalagan shared a video of the busking trio, showcasing their rendition of the Tamil song "Elangaathu Veesudhey" from the movie "Pithamagan" (2003). With one member on the cajon drum, another on the violin, and the lead singer playing guitar and delivering flawless vocals, the group enchanted audiences with their seamless harmonies and musical prowess.

Watch the full video below:

@megala.meyalagan When our Abang sings a Tamil Song! This is Malaysia for you! ??❤️ Please tag him if you know him! #multiracial #malaysia #tourismmalaysia #weareone #beautifulmalaysia #ilaiyaraaja #elangathuveesuthe ♬ original sound - Megala Meyalagan

Megala, in awe of the performance, captured the moment and shared it online, emphasizing the beauty of Malaysia's multicultural society. The video garnered widespread praise, with many applauding the group's talent and acknowledging it as a shining example of cultural diversity in the country.

Source / Image Credit : World Of Buzz