Have you been trying hard to lose weight, but failing to achieve your dream weight? Have you tried exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, but still not got the results you've been looking for?

Shedding the extra pounds we carry always seems so very hard. Many struggle to keep up with a healthy diet and regular exercise, and tend to give up within days or weeks.

But do you know you can lose weight easily without much effort? These are the easiest ways to do so:

Deep breathing

This is one of the best weight loss techniques around. All you have to do is breathe in and out with your stomach and not your chest.

Breathing deeply increases oxygen intake and help to accelerate your metabolism. And exhaling faster helps to burn more energy. Practicing this daily will help give you a slimmer waist and strong abdominal muscles.

Contrast shower

When you're taking a shower, alternate between cold and hot water. This method will assist in getting rid of excess fat and help fight cellulite.

Use a small plate

Instead of using a regular sized plate, use a smaller plate to have your meal. This is how you can trick your brain into thinking you're having a big portion of food, and avoid overeating.

You can also try these simple methods to assist in your weight loss journey.

Source: BrightSide
Image credit: BrightSide and Greatist