Malaysian teenager Karthikgesan Santharasekaran has won two gold medals at the virtual Global Olympiad Green Innovation Fair.

The 15-year-old student of SMK Proton City 2 beat contestants from 12 other countries to emerge tops in the environmental machinery and green technology open category, with his inventions of a plant compost and biodegradable pots.

The Malay Mail news portal reported that the virtual competition took place from February this year until early May.

Karthikgesan told the portal that his biodegradable pots come in various sizes and are made of cow dung, lemongrass, and coconut husks.

"The composition of these materials make these posts last for three months before disintergrating and they can later be used as a fertiliser or compost for plants.

"I created these pots as they were more environmentally friendly than the PVC pots or single-use plastic plant pots, as they are biodegradable," he was quoted saying.

According to him further, the pots can be used either in the city or rural area, as they do not pose any harm to the environment.

Besides the biodegradable pots, Karthikgesan's second medal went towards his invention called 'Enviro Solar Compost Machine' that makes the said pots in various sizes, according to user specifications.

The nature-loving teenager, who had previously joined and won many local exhibitions and competitions. In a school competition last year, Karthikgesan invented a simple motorcycle tyre pump which connects the vehicle's exhaust pipe and the deflated tyre, and channels carbon monoxide from the former to inflate the latter, once the vehicle's engine is started.

Karthikgesan attributed his recent win to his father, who helped him research materials that can be used in his inventions.

Santharasekaran is also reportedly equally passionate about the environment, and the father-son duo would frequently research information online on how waste and used materials can be used to benefit the community.

"I've always had a keen interest in preserving the environment due to my upbringing, and know that if we don't serve nature, nature will never protect us," the teenager told the portal.

Source: Malay Mail
Photo source: Malay Mail via Karthikgesan Santharasekaran