August 2018: Kerala, India

Merdeka celebrations always make the streets and vibe in KL merrier than usual. But do you know where else you can head to if you are planning a nice stress-free vacation?

Kerala. An ancient land gifted with the art of Ayurveda. This health retreat is exactly what you need to reignite your spirits to continue the year.

BONUS TIP: Apply for leaves from 23rd to 24th August and 28th to 30th August. Just five days of leaves will give you a whopping 12 days of relaxation.

It's true the PEAK SEASON in Kerala starts from September till March during which the climate is cool and perfectly-suited for all your activities. However, if you are trying to avoid the crowd and looking for quiet and peace while getting your Ayurvedic treatments done, August is the BEST TIME!

With short showers of rain as the monsoon is ending, August can offer both the tranquility and privacy while sight-seeing or touring. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flights and pack your bags!

If you are wondering where else you can plan your trips for the coming months, check out the list below:

September 2018: Tokyo, Japan

BONUS TIP: Take off from 12th to 14th September and in return, you get 9 days of holidays.

September’s just a start of celebrations we will be having in the coming months. Indulge in the unique cultures and practices of the Japanese in a 9-day trip to Tokyo. Japanese are well-known for their culture, cuisine, and hospitality.

Despite following deeply-engraved cultural teachings, Japan is a vibrant city of advanced technologies. If you are looking to explore a place with contrasting worlds of culture and technology, stop here. You have found your next destination!
October 2018: Golden Triangle, India
BONUS TIP: Take 5 full days off on any Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to get 9 days of the majestic North India.

October is definitely public holiday-free month, however, if you are looking to finish your annual leaves as the year is ending soon, it’s the perfect time to complete the famed Golden Triangle of North India.

Experience history, culture, traditions and majestic beauty of North India in 9 days. Seems like a short time, but you can definitely check out Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur—each depicting different flavours of India.
November 2018: Kathmandu, Nepal
BONUS TIP: Apply for leaves from 5th to 9th November. With only 4 days of leaves, you get to visit Nepal for 9 days.

It’s the month of the festival of lights. Head to Nepal to experience the colours and cheer of Deepavali as the country is known to be very festive during the celebration. You can also sign up for short hikes near Kathmandu and explore the surrounding cities.
December 2018: Bangkok, Thailand
BONUS TIP: Lock in 24th December to spend 4 days at Bangkok, Thailand.

While half of the world is rejoicing in the winter celebrations and Christmas, it’s time to end the year with a blast. What else, book your flights to Bangkok! Bangkok needs no introduction. Their night-life and food streets are must-try experiences in Thailand.

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Photo Credit: himsagartravels