This article is a continuation of the article Unique Malaysia: Common Slangs We Often Use & What They Mean published on Astro Ulagam yesterday.

We had a look at the most commonly used local slangs that most of us use on a daily basis. Here are the rest of the terms:

Mampus: Die, as in someone is not about to literally die, but get into irreparable trouble due to something they have done.
E.g: 'Man, I did not make it in my final term exams. Mampus lah'

Mat Salleh: Caucasian
E.g: 'Eh, have you met Lionel's Mat Salleh wife?'

Meletup: Used to describe something explosive, minus the actual fireworks
E.g: Waah, your new recording studio meletup lah'

On: This has nothing to do with switching something on and off. Instead, it means to agree on an activity.
E.g: Abu: 'Shall we go hiking this weekend?'
Rajan: 'On!!'

Otai: Short for old-timer, used to refer someone who's an expert in a certain field.
E.g: 'That uncle is an otai, don't play-play wei'

Payung: To help someone financially
E.g: 'No worries la, I payung your drinks' when a colleague/friend has left his/her wallet at home.

Pokai: Broke/have no money
E.g: 'I have to skip the outing tomorrow guys; pokai.'

Potong stim: Someone who spoils something nice/party popper
E.g: When someone reminds the next day is a working Monday in the midst of a fun-filled Sunday night outing 'You potong stim betul la!'

Poyo: Douchebag/a person who overreacts
E.g: 'Did you hear him speak? So poyo wei!'

Roger: Sometimes repeated twice, this means asking someone to stay in touch via phone calls
E.g: 'Ok I gerak (leave) first. Anything roger roger la.'

Relak la: To ask someone to calm down/relax
E.g: Babu: 'Aiyoo, I have not revised this topic la'
Ryan: 'Relak la, sure can do one!'

Sado: Buff/muscular man. Originating from the expression 'Besar doh'
E.g: 'Waah look at that dude. Sado!!'

Selamber: Laidback
E.g: 'Eh I see you really selamber je, not worried about the project dateline tomorrow ah?'

Syok oh: To express satisfaction
E.g: 'Syok oh eating ice cream in this hot weather.'

Syok sendiri: Self-absorbed person
E.g: 'Eeeh, cannot tahan his lagak (acts) ah. So syok sendiri case!'

Taiko: Literally means Big brother in Cantonese, but is often used to refer to someone who's an old-timer/expert in a certain field.
E.g: 'You shouldn't probably mess with him, he's a taiko'

Tapau: Take away, usually a food item
E.g: 'Boss, tapau chicken rice satu'

Wahlao: To express disbelief
E.g: Customer: 'Boss, how much is this toy ah?'
Shop owner: 'RM750'
Customer: 'Wahlao, soooo expensive!'

Where got?: To indicate denial to a false accusation/charge
E.g: Mum: 'Did you take money from my purse last night?'
Son: 'Huh, where got?'

Ya kah/Ya meh?: Are you sure?
E.g: Raymond: 'I heard Blackpink is coming to KL next month'
Natalie: 'Ya meh? I didn't see any update on their social media also?'

Yum cha: To have drinks with friends.
E.g: John: 'Eh, you free this evening ah? Jom yum cha?'
Ashwin: 'Jom!'

None of these terms will be complete without the most commonly used slang 'lah', meant to add emphasis to a word or phrase.

This is the specialty of living in multiracial Malaysia - we 'speak' many languages, without actually knowing the said languages. What other slang words do you think should be included in this list?

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