It is snowing in parts of Saudi Arabia, and no, this is not a joke!

According to Astro Awani, the peak of the Jabal Al Lawz mountain in the Tabuk region is completely covered in white, following heavy rain and snowfall since the early hours of Saturday.

Hundreds of locals are swarming the location near the border with Jordan, to enjoy and soak in the wintery weather.

This is a completely weird, though not the first, occurrence, in the kingdom which is renowned for its vast deserts and hot weather.

Snow covered parts of the northern cities in the country last year, but the last time it experienced so much snowfall was in 2018 when locals and tourists took to riding sleighs and hurling snowballs at each other.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has also forecast heavy rains and hailstorms to occur in other parts of the country in the coming week.

In addition, the country's Civil Defence has also called on the people to be "vigilant" amid the low visibility and the possibility of heavy rains and thunder.

Looks like the weather has indeed gone haywire all around the world, nowadays.

Source: Astro Awani,
Photo source: Twitter