Never, ever, leave your mobile phone in the hands of your young children, unattended.

New Jersey couple Pramod and Madhu Kumar can attest to this, as they learned an expensive lesson for failing to do so.

It all began when parcels of furniture recently began arriving at the door of a house the couple had moved into, in Monmouth Junction.

Madhu soon realised that the items were the ones she had browsed through and added into a cart on Walmart's website, but never actually purchased.

After checking with her husband and their two older children, the suspicion quickly turned to their youngest child - two-year-old Ayaansh Kumar.

The toddler had been fiddling around his mother's phone when he ended up ordering and paying for all the items, totalling almost US$2,000 (RM8,368). The fact that the phone had Madhu's credit card information stored in it, and lacked a passcode, made it easier for the baby to make the transactions.

Over the past week, packages have been steadily arriving at the couple's doorstep, and once they are all in, they plan to return most of them to Walmart, who have reportedly offered to make a full refund.

However, they may keep some of the items as a remembrance of their son's first online shopping spree.

Thankfully for Ayaansh, his cheeky act did not rile up his parents, as Madhu said that he's "so little and cute" that they were laughing over the whole episode.

Moving forward, the couple said they will put tough passcodes or face recognition on their mobile, as well as remove sensitive financial information from their devices, to prevent a recurrence.

Photo source: The Quint,