Many children, or even their parents would have complained about the volume of homework the young ones are given daily, but they often remain grievances, and nothing more.

However, an adorable rant by a six-year-old girl in Jammu & Kashmir has sparked real change after her video went viral on social media, and got noticed by the authorities.

The child in question is Mahira Irfan, who was given a mobile phone by her parents on the condition that she would only use it for online classes.

However, burdened by "too much homework" and classes that were "too long", the adorable child set the phone camera's on and filmed herself narrating the difficulties children her aged faced with such burden, to the only person she thought could help her with her predicament - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mahira's father, amused by her "Modi Saab - Why so much homework?" rant, shared the clip with some friends two weeks ago, not knowing that she would be eventually become an internet darling and get noticed by the powers that be.

When the video eventually landed on Twitter, a local journalist tweeted it, tagging Modi's official account, and earlier this week, Jammu & Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha took note of the "very adorable complaint".

"Childhood innocence is (a) gift of God and their days should be lively, full of joy and bliss," Sinha tweeted, adding that he had directed the school education department to come up with a policy within 48 hours to lighten the burden of homework on school children.

Responding to his directive, the department on Tuesday ordered that virtual classes for pre-primary and primary students shall not exceed the time limit of 30 minutes, and 90 minutes a day, respectively.

Bravo little Mahira on your achievement!

Many a times us adults dismiss the grievances of the little ones as rants, but if given the right space, such rants can bring about real change, as this case clearly shows.

Source & Photo source: India Today