A West Bengal couple recently held their wedding in a COVID-19 protocols abiding manner - with most of the guests in attendance via Google Meet.

In addition, Sandipan Sarkar and Aditi Das also arranged for the wedding food to be delivered to their guests via food delivery service Zomato, reported NDTV.

"We had been planning to get married for the past year, but the pandemic became a problem.

"I was worried about the safety of my family and the safety of my guests. After being hospitalised with COVID-19 myself from Jan 2 to 4, I came up with a solution to avoid large gatherings," Sandipan, 28, reportedly told the portal.

The wedding took place on the night of Jan 24, with 125 guests being physically present, and the remaining 300-plus people following a live telecast of the ceremony via Google Meet. This conformed to the 200-people cap for weddings rule set by the state government.

To ensure that the guests felt welcome at the wedding, the couple even arranged for the wedding food to sent to all their guests via Zomato.

Sandipan and Aditi are not the first couple to rethink traditional weddings during the pandemic.

Come Feb 6, Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy from Tamil Nadu will hold a Harry Potter-themed wedding reception on the Metaverse, where the guests can virtually attend the event 'live' and interact with others through digital avatars.

Besides being able to virtually interact with the bride and groom, guests will also be able to pass on gifts to the newly weds, in the form of gift vouchers, via Google Pay, or even cryptocurrencies.

Source: NDTV
Photo source: India Today