It was a joyous, yet tearful reunion for a man who got to meet his beloved babysitter after 30 long years.

Harian Metro reported the story of Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri Ahmad Fuad, 38, who initially returned to his hometown in Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, to meet his former teacher.

However, as he was there, he was reminded of Maragamah Vellu, 51, who took care of him and his younger siblings for four years, in the early 1980s.

"During the visit, I asked the teacher (Uncle Khalid) about Kak Mala (Maragamah), and I was surprised to hear that she and her family still lived in the area, and they often visited him.

"Upon hearing this, I immediately rushed to Kak Mala's place, hoping to meet her," he told the Malay tabloid daily.

Ahmad Fadhil and his family had moved to Terengganu in the early 1990s, but now reside in Shah Alam. Maragamah was also coincidentally on the way back home from Shah Alam when Ahmad Fadhil was enroute to her place.

"When I reached Kak Mala's house, we were warmly welcomed by her siblings, who also knew my family well.

"Kak Mala could not recognize me at first, but when I mentioned my parent's name, she instantly remembered," Ahmad Fadhil recalled.

Tears flowed freely as both recalled the olden days. Maragamah even made and fed Ahmad Fadhil chapati, which she said was his favourite food.

She then showed the father of one a photo of her with him and his younger siblings, taken in 1988, which she had kept in her album.

"I was so moved to see the photo as I have never seen it before. May be to others, this seems like just a normal situation, but to me, it brought back many fond memories."

Ahmad Fadhil had earlier shared the joyful reunion on the Malaysiaku Dulu Dulu Official Facebook page. The post had garnered more than 24,000 likes and over 600 shares.

Such a sweet story indeed. It is people like Maragamah and Ahmad Fadhil who are keeping the flames of harmony in the country alight, amid all the racist rhetorics.

Source & Photo source: Harian Metro