UNICEF Malaysia has launched an urgent appeal for funds to help India fight COVID-19.

Hospitals and health centres across India are struggling to cope with the overwhelming amount of new cases and need more oxygen concentrators, rapid testing kits and critical healthcare. There is not enough oxygen for all patients.

“The health system in India is severely stretched because of the latest deadly wave of COVID-19 in the country,” said Dr Rashed Mustafa Sarwar, UNICEF Representative in Malaysia and Special Representative to Brunei Darussalam.

“We cannot leave India to fight this alone. We must act urgently to prevent further loss of life. UNICEF has provided lifesaving oxygen supplies and other critically needed emergency equipment for immediate response, but much more is needed as the outbreak continues to spread rapidly.”

UNICEF has sent critical lifesaving supplies, including 3,000 oxygen concentrators, to help India in its battle with a deadly wave of COVID-19.

Along with the oxygen concentrators, UNICEF has supplied more than 500 high flow nasal cannulas and 85 RT-PCR (COVID testing) machines. Additionally, UNICEF is supporting the procurement and installation of 25 oxygen plants and the installation of more than 70 thermal scanners at various ports of entry countrywide.

While providing urgent support to the healthcare system, UNICEF has also been assisting the Government of India in ensuring critical services for the most vulnerable children continue functioning. Across all states, UNICEF is providing guidance and support for the safety and care of children in childcare institutions.

UNICEF is seeking RM86 million (US$21 million) for the urgent delivery of critical supplies including oxygen products and rapid testing kits in India, as well as more than RM205 million (US$50 million) for lifesaving COVID-19 interventions across sectors.

For example, a unit of oxygen concentrator that can help COVID-19 patients breathe and save lives costs RM3,200. It takes just 10 generous donors to give RM320 each to help us reach that goal.

Your urgent support is needed to save lives in India. Corporates or organizations that would like to raise funds for the India appeal can contact the UNICEF Donor Services Team.

If you are interested to donate, you can do so by contacing this hotline: 1300 300 010, or by visiting this link:

Photos source: UNICEF