Malaysia is all about tolerance between the multiple races and respecting each other's cultures.

An Indian couple from Sungai Petani, Kedah, is an embodiment of this. Meet Magen Palanesamy and Aruna Yamuna Bose, who are going viral on social media for wearing traditional Malay attire for their wedding dinner.

A video of Mahen clad in baju Melayu with sampin and tengkolok, and Aruna, in a gown, being ushered to the wedding dais, decorated in Malay style, with the beat of kompang music, has garnered more than 999,100 views on TikTok!

Magen told news portal Malay Mail that he and his wife had a Hindu wedding ceremony on June 10, but decided to have a Malay style dinner two days later, as he grew up with Malay friends and was used to the culture.
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"Plus, as a police officer, all my colleagues are also Malays and I decided to do my wedding dinner in a Malay style for all of them.

"Even my dad who worked in the army had many Malay friends, so our circle of friends were mostly Malays in the neighbourhood," Magen reportedly said, adding that it was his friends who helped him scour for the right baju Melayu for the event.

Halal food such as nasi minyak and laksa were served during the dinner, to accommodate the guests.

Magen stressed that there was nothing wrong in wearing the traditional attire of another community for his special day, as it was just a way to appreciate another culture and race.

Congratulations Magen and his wife, and kudos for your out-of-the-box thinking!

Source: Malay Mail
Photo source: Malay Mail
Video source: TikTok